Building solution for animation base

Animation industry is the industry represented by animated cartoons, online games, mobile phone games, multimedia products. It is known as the core industry of knowledge economy and the most promising sunrise industry in the 21 century, with the features of capital intensive, technology intensive, knowledge intensive, and labor intensive. In the past five years, China’s animation industry has got rapid development in the globalization process. The annual growing rate of China’s animation industry is more than 20% in the five years, ten times to the annual average growing rate of the world’s animation industry in the same period. Now, China is becoming the world’s top animation market with fastest develop speed and largest potential.

The largest demand of animation base is the building of a large-scale render service platform, to improve the production efficiency of animation design, the producing capability of animation and television, and the scale of rendering. So the main requirements for the construction of the base are:

It will meet the requirements for the high-speed distribution and storage of data among rendering system, non-lined system and storage system. It should meet the requirement of conducting rendering tasks by multiple companies at the same time and can assign resources and usage priorities flexibly according to priorities.

Video post-production includes television advertisement, MTV, television promotion including packaging of channels and programs, video slice, title design, television instruction, high-end post-productions of TV play and special coverage, including the production, composition, retrench and toning of visual effects.

The system hardware design and the application interface all should be highly integrated. Based on the current requirements of rendering business, they should be qualified and be able to integrate those high qualities post-production non-lined synthesis systems, and manage them in a unified way. These should be able to lower the total ownership cost of the platform to form an complete producing environment.

The typical topological graph of the project is shown below.


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