1.      In order to protect network information security, protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, and safeguard national security and social and public interests, according to relevant provisions of national laws and regulations, Sugon official website (www.sugon.com), hereinafter referred to as "we" or "Sugon") formulated and provided network services in accordance with this agreement. The user shall fully read and agree to all terms of this agreement and complete all registration procedures in accordance with the instructions on the page (minors shall jointly complete with the legal guardian). When the user clicks "agree" during the registration process, it means that the user fully accepts all the terms of this agreement. If the user chooses to access or use the related services of Sugon, it will be deemed that the user agrees to accept all the terms of this agreement.

2.      Unless otherwise specified, the new functions and services launched by Sugon are unconditionally applicable to this agreement.

3.      Sugon reserves the right to modify the terms of this agreement at any time, and we will inform you in the form of notice or letter. Users should pay attention to and abide by the service when using it.

4.      Users should read this agreement carefully before using the services provided by Sugon. If you do not agree with this agreement or the modification of Sugon, you may take the initiative to cancel the services provided by Sugon; If you continue to use Sugon service, you shall be deemed to have accepted all contents of this agreement, including any modification made by Sugon to this agreement.

5.      Users shall be bound by this agreement no matter how they use Sugon service.




1.      Sugon: refers to Dawning information industry co., LTD., the main operator of this website.

2.      Sugon platform: refers to the official website (www.sugon.com) of Sugon, which is affiliated to dawning information industry co., LTD.

3.      Rules of Sugon platform: including all rules, interpretation, announcements and other contents that have been published and subsequently published in all websites of Sugon platform, as well as all kinds of rules, implementation rules, product descriptions and announcements published by various sub-channels and pages of Sugon platform.

4.      User: "you" or "user" means the individual or organization that registers, logs in, USES, browses or obtains the services hereunder.


IIIUser account


1.      Users can use the services provided by Sugon through the registration account of Sugon platform. After the user registration is approved by Sugon, each account corresponds to a unique name (or nickname, user name). The ownership of Sugon platform accounts (including names, nicknames, user names, etc.) shall belong to Sugon. Users shall obtain the right to use Sugon platform accounts after completing the registration procedures, but only for personal rather than commercial purposes.

2.      Users keep their account and password by themselves. The user account and password right of use belong to the original registrant only, and it is forbidden to donate, borrow, rent, transfer or sell.

3.      Users should provide complete, true, accurate and up-to-date personal information, which is crucial to use the services of Sugon platform and recover the lost account and password of Sugon platform. If the problems caused by the untrue registration information are borne by the user himself, Sugon platform shall not take any responsibility and shall have the right to suspend or terminate the user's account.

4.      If the user's account and password are illegally used by others or any other security problem occurs, the user shall immediately notify Sugon platform. If the account and password are illegally used by others due to hacking or users' fault, Sugon platform shall not assume any liability.

5.      In reasonable doubt or there is evidence to prove that, due to regulations regarding the use of the user in violation of article 5 of this agreement, or the user of the act or omission which may damage the Sugon platform or the legitimate rights and interests of any third party, Sugon platform shall have the right to immediately refused to provide service, have the right to without prior notice, to suspend or terminate the user on the use of the account, can at the same time or later cancellation of the user's account. Sugon platform does not assume any responsibility for this.


IVRegistration information management


1.      Real and legal

1)     When using the services of Sugon platform, you should provide your information (including your name, email address, contact phone number, etc.) accurately and completely according to the prompts on the page of Sugon platform, so that Sugon platform can contact you when necessary. You understand and agree that you have the obligation to maintain the authenticity and validity of the information you provide, and shall not register or authenticate the registration information such as false or fraudulent resident identity information, enterprise registration information, organization code, etc. Any illegal, untrue or inaccurate user information shall be borne by you. The account name you set shall not violate the management provisions of national laws and regulations and the rules of Sugon platform on account name. Otherwise, Sugon may suspend or cancel your account name and report to the competent authority.

2)     You understand and commitment, and your account name and description may not appear in the registration information, such as illegal information, not fake, affiliates or social celebrities, you need to abide by the laws and regulations in the account registration process, the socialist system, national interests, citizens' legitimate rights and interests, social morality, public order and information authenticity, such seven bottom lines.

3)     If platform found on the site you registered the account of or use custom names same as other users and cause can't be identified, Sugon platform has the right to require you to modify the above names, if it is not modified within the time limit, Sugon platform shall have the right to modify your own custom name to keep difference after filling identification symbols to ensure its normal operation (for example, you want to or are using the account name is "Sugon", but there is already an existed name “Sugon”, then your name shall be modified to “Sugon1”or “Sugon2”without your confirmation. And you unconditionally agree to the above modifications.

4)     You agree and authorize, in order to better provide service for you and ensure your account security, Sugon can do the verification according to your provided mobile phone number information via the national citizen identity number query service center, telecom operators, financial services institutions, launched by reliable unit user identity authenticity, users credit registries, mobile phone number query effective state, and so on and so forth.

2.      Update and maintenance

1)     You should timely update the information you provide (including but not limited to registration information, etc.) to ensure that the requirements are timely, detailed, true and accurate. Under the circumstances that the law clearly requires Sugon platform to verify the information of some users, Sugon platform will check and verify your information from time to time according to law, and you should cooperate to provide the latest, true and complete information. When you change or delete the relevant information, it may also cause the loss of text and pictures stored in the system. Sugon platform shall not be responsible for the loss of contents caused by your independent operation.

2)     If Sugon according to the last time you provide information couldn't be reached to you, or you do not provide information in time according to the requirement of the Sugon, or the information you provide is obviously false or administrative judicial organ to verify the information you provide invalid, you will do so for you, others and Sugon platform and all the losses resulting from the adverse consequences. Sugon platform may give you an inquiry or notice requiring rectification, and require you to conduct recertification, until the suspension or termination of providing some or all of the services of Sugon platform to you, for which Sugon platform shall not be liable.

3.      Account security specification

1)     Your account is set up by yourself and kept by you. Sugon will not voluntarily ask you to provide your account password at any time. Therefore, it is recommended that you take good care of your account and ensure that you log out at the end of each online session and take the correct steps to leave Sugon platform.

2)     If you take the initiative to notify Sugon platform and require Sugon platform to take measures to suspend the login and use of your account, Sugon platform shall require you to provide and verify the valid personal identity information consistent with its registered identity information, otherwise Sugon platform has the right to reject your above request. If the valid personal identity information provided by you is consistent with the registered identity information, Sugon platform shall promptly take measures to suspend the login and use of user accounts. If the user fails to provide his/her valid personal identity certificate or the valid personal identity certificate provided by the user is inconsistent with the registered identity information, Sugon platform has the right to reject the above requests of the user.

3)     You shall bear the loss and consequences caused by the disclosure of your account by yourself or the attack or fraud of others. Sugon does not take the responsibility, you should be get compensate through the judicial, administrative and other relief channels to pursue the tortfeasor.

4)     Your account is only for your own use, and shall not be lent, donated, rented, transferred, sold or shared by others without the prescribed procedures. When your account is used without authorization, you should immediately notify Sugon platform, otherwise the unauthorized use shall be regarded as your own behavior, and you will bear all the losses and consequences caused thereby.

5)     Except for the fault of Sugon platform, you shall be responsible for all the results of actions under your account.

6)     If you find any unauthorized use of your account to log into Sugon platform or other circumstances that may cause your account to be stolen or lost, we suggest you immediately notify Sugon platform. You understand that it takes reasonable time for Sugon platform to take action against any of your requests, and the actions taken by Sugon platform at your request may not be able to avoid or prevent the formation or expansion of infringement consequences. Except for the legal fault of Sugon platform, Sugon platform shall not take the responsibility.


VUse rules


1.      Users fully understand and agree that: Sugon only provides users with market support, channel support, introduction, after-sales and other services based on Sugon company or Sugon products. The services available on this website are:

(1)    Consulting company information and product information.

(2)    Download the product documentation.

(3)    Download software products purchased offline.

(4)    Issues questions about the company's performance in "investor relations."


2.      Users fully understand and agree that: due to the needs of business development, Sugon platform may temporarily change, suspend or restrict some services. In case of the above situation, Sugon platform will inform you in advance, and users are aware of and willing to bear such risks.

3.      Users fully understand and agree that advertising may be included in the services provided by Sugon platform. Users agree to display advertisements provided by Sugon platform and third-party suppliers and partners during the use of the service. Sugon platform will do its best but not guarantee that it will not affect your experience.

4.      Users are not allowed to make, upload and disseminate information containing any of the following contents by using the services of Sugon platform:

1)     Opposing the basic principles established in the constitution;

2)     Endangering state security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power or undermining national unity;

3)     Harming the honor and interests of the state;

4)     Inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination or undermining ethnic unity;

5)     Undermining the state's religious policies, advocating cults and feudal superstitions;

6)     Spreading rumors, disturbing social order or undermining social stability;

7)     Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crime;

8)     Insulting or slandering another person or infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of another person;

9)     Users shall not post harmful information that infringes the name, portrait, reputation and honor of martyrs by insulting, defaming or other means.

10)   Information containing other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

5.      According to the reasonable judgment, Sugon platform can take measures to stop transmission, logoff or other measures in accordance with the law for violation of laws and regulations, this agreement is agreed, the infringement of the content of the rights of others, sabotage, threat, or fake content issued in the name of another person, and shall have the right to according to the reasonable judgment in violation of the terms and conditions of the users to take appropriate legal action, including but not limited to: save from Sugon service platform has illegality, infringement, improper sexual content, such as the user is restricted or prohibited use Sugon platform services in whole or in part, the cancellation of user account and according to the laws and regulations to save the information and report to the relevant departments, etc.

6.      User rights and obligations:

1)     The ownership of user account belongs to Sugon of branch all, after the user completes application to register formalities, obtain the use right of Sugon account of branch, this use right belongs to initial application to register a person only, prohibit a user to donative, borrow, hire, transfer or sell Sugon account of branch. If the ownership of the account is disputed, Sugon has the right to temporarily freeze the disputed account after receiving complaints from relevant parties; The parties to the dispute shall provide evidence to prove the ownership of the account within 7 working days of the proof period. The Sugon platform will release the disputed account after judging the ownership based on the evidence provided by the parties.

2)     Users can change, delete the account or platform in Sugon platform personal data, registration information and transfer content. Users may also lose the text, pictures and video stored in the system when they change or delete the relevant information. Please note that once the phone number and Sugon account is binding, then it cannot be unbound.

3)     If your account meets the following conditions at the same time: 1) you have not logged into Sugon website for 18 consecutive months;2) there is no valid payment service before expiration. Sugon has the right to cancel, recover, replace or delete any records (including but not limited to registration information and uploading information) of the account in the database of Sugon, so as to avoid resource waste. Before cleaning such accounts, you will be notified by means including but not limited to pop-ups, in-site messages, client push messages, etc. After clearing, your account will not be able to log in again, and the corresponding service will terminate at the same time.

4)     Users agree to grant Sugon platform free use of information and content released through Sugon platform or formed in the process of users using the services of Sugon platform. Sugon platform can be used by all means including adaptation, compilation, reproduction, distribution and network dissemination. If users do not agree with the use of related content of Sugon platform, they should inform us in writing in advance.

5)     Users can report and complain to the staff of Sugon platform if they find any content related to politics, guns, drugs, violence, gambling or pornography in the service process provided by Sugon platform. After receiving the report, the complaint, will send the commissioner to deal with promptly.

6)     You are not allowed to take advantage of Sugon platform to engage in any form of illegal activities. Sugon will closely monitor this kind of behavior, and has the right to investigate abnormal information in the account, and has the right to cooperate with the investigation of the competent authority to submit your identity data, relevant account transaction records and other information.


VIAccount cancellation


When you need to terminate the use of Sugon service, if you meet the following conditions, you may apply to cancel your account of Sugon platform:

1.      You can only apply to cancel your own account and do so in accordance with the procedures of Sugon platform.

2.      You can apply to cancel your account either by yourself or manually from Sugon.

3.      The account you apply for cancellation is in a normal state, that is, the information of your account is up-to-date, complete and correct, and the account has not been frozen, blocked or other restrictive measures.

4.      In order to protect the legitimate interests of you and other users, there shall be no outstanding rights and obligations or other disputes arising from the cancellation of the account that you have applied for.


VIIIntellectual property rights


1.      The service of the platform includes the website, web application and software operated by Sugon platform as well as the text, picture, video, audio and other elements contained therein. Sugon owns all intellectual property rights to its service mark, logo and any of the above elements.

2.      If you believe that your intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests have been violated, please provide the following information to Sugon platform:

1)     Proof of ownership of intellectual property rights or other lawful rights and interests of suspected infringing contents;

2)     The specific qualification and contact information of the obligee, including the name of the individual, a copy of his/her ID card or passport, a copy of his/her business license or other qualification certificates, and his/her correspondence address and telephone number;

3)     The location of the suspected infringing content on this website;

4)     A detailed description of the infringement;

5)     Add the following statement about the authenticity of the notice in the notice: "all consequences caused by the above operation have nothing to do with Sugon and shall be borne by myself/the company." After signing or stamping the official seal, please send the above notice of rights to the following address: Department of marketing, building 36, no.8 zhongguancun software park, dongbeiwang west road, haidian district, Beijing, or to the following email address: Support@sugon.com.

3.      After receiving the infringement notice from the complaining user, we will transfer it to the corresponding obligee. If the obligee fails to provide the relevant right certificate within the limited time, we will delete the relevant content. If the obligee provides the relevant counter-notification certificate, the complaining user may file a lawsuit according to law.


VIIILegal liability and exemption from liability


1.      Users in violation of this agreement or the relevant provisions of the terms of service, lead to the third party making claim to Sugon and its cooperation company, associated company such as required, the user agrees to bear all legal responsibilities, including but not limited to, damages, fines, accommodation fees, litigation arbitration fee, reasonable attorney's fees, expenses, etc., and agree to compensate regarding the damage to the Sugon platform.

2.      The Sugon and its cooperative units shall not be liable for all losses suffered by users due to the fault of communication lines, technical problems, network, computer fault, system instability and other force majeure causes caused by the third party, such as the telecommunication department.

3.      If the normal operation of the service is affected by technical failure or other force majeure events, Sugon platform and its cooperation units promise to cooperate with relevant units in the first time and deal with and repair in time. However, Sugon platform and its cooperation units shall not assume the responsibility for all losses suffered by users.

4.      User understanding: like other Internet services, users may be affected by network service quality, social environment, user operation errors and other factors during the use of the service, and may be disturbed by various problems, such as others using users' data to conduct harassment in real life. Users download and install other software or visit other websites containing "Trojan horse" and other viruses, threatening the security of users' computer information and data, and then affecting the normal use of the service. Users should strengthen their awareness of information security and user data protection to avoid losses and harassment. Users should bear the risk of using the services of Sugon platform.

5.      The website may retain links with third party websites or websites, access to these links will be decided by the user, Sugon does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, adequacy and reliability of any information, data, views, pictures, statements or suggestions provided on these links. Sugon provides these links only to provide convenience, does not represent Sugon's recognition and recommendation of these information, nor is it used for publicity or advertising purposes.

6.      Sugon platform and its cooperation company do not make any express or implied guarantee, including but not limited to information about authenticity, suitable for a particular purpose, infringement and non-infringement, a result of any user improper or illegal use of Sugon platform service of direct, indirect, incidental, special, and subsequent infringed upon the legal rights of the third person of the legal responsibility, Sugon does not undertake any responsibility.

7.      The information content provided by Sugon platform includes but is not limited to: text, software, sound, photos, videos, charts, all contents in advertisements, and the commercial information provided by Sugon platform for users. All the above information is protected by copyright law, trademark law and other intellectual property law as well as property law and other relevant Chinese laws. Users can only use the content under the explicit authorization of the Sugon platform and the partner of Sugon, and shall not arbitrarily copy, modify, compile, or create derivative products related to the content.


IXThis agreement is made up of the terms of the "Sugon official website service agreement" and the "Sugon privacy protection policy" and other rules published on the website from time to time. The rules have provisions, but if the terms of this agreement do not have provisions, the provisions of the rules shall prevail. If some contents of this agreement are held illegal or invalid by the court with jurisdiction, the validity of other contents shall not be affected.


XOther terms and conditions


1.      The copyright of this agreement belongs to Sugon, and Sugon reserves the right to interpret and modify this agreement.

2.      The execution, execution and dispute settlement of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. In the event of any dispute arising from the content or performance of this agreement, both parties shall try to resolve it through friendly negotiation. If no agreement can be reached, either party may file a lawsuit with haidian district people's court of Beijing.

3.      The failure of Sugon platform to exercise any rights or provisions hereof shall not constitute a waiver of such rights.

4.      If any provision of this agreement is completely or partially invalid, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall remain valid and binding.

5.      If you have any comments on this agreement, please contact Sugon customer service center at 400-810-0466

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