The project of building the “Learning Supermarket” storage system (China Education Television)

To achieve the strategy of revitalizing China through science and education and unfold the charm of Chinese cultural to all culture lovers around the world, the China Education Television will make a new global sharing education media platform called “Learning Supermarket”, which will include open interactive education community and interactive 3D virtual second learning system. The public can gain knowledge easily and timely at any time and place to meet their needs for individual and diversified learning requirements by new media terminals, such as mobile phones, internet, digital television, satellite television, mobile television and online television.

Through communications with Sugon for several times, detailed products measurement and comparison, and the consideration of Sugon’s overall capabilities, China Education Television decides to choose the parallel memorizing system ParaStor of Sugon.

As shown above, the Sugon parallel memorizing system, ParaStor, consists of three server clusters, which are application server cluster, metadata server cluster and data server cluster. This parallel memorizing system makes use of universal storage server as basic construction unit to reduce the customer cost. The usage of redundant network architecture gives it the function of automatic failure detection, and makes it able to start the data recovery process automatically and eliminate single point of failure. According to personal requirements, users can add storage resources online without interrupting the application. Meanwhile, it also has automatic load balancing mechanism to eliminate hotspot data bottleneck restrictions and provides true multi-channel concurrent methods to satisfy numerous users’ needs for concurrent accesses.

Through this project, we can conclude that the Sugon parallel memorizing system makes use of the cluster storage techniques and realizes the mass memory at PB level and hundreds GB of high aggregate bandwidth. The features of high availability, easy expansion, easy management, and generalization help it to solve the problems of seamless expansion, data sharing and management of mass documents, which makes it the ideal platform to build a stable and efficient “Learning Supermarket” memory storage system. In the project of “Learning Supermarket”, the good products and nice service of Sugon Company win it a good fame from the users. The Sugon Company also accumulate abundant experiences in this project at the same time, providing it a solid foundation for the secondary project of “Learning Supermarket”.

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