Building project of new media platform for Beijing Television

The Beijing Television is established on May 16th 1979 joint ventured with the former Beijing Cable Broadcast Television, forming the most influential and competitive major media in China. Its television programs cover many regions, including Beijing, mainland, North America and Asia, with audiences more than 250 million in China. In April 2007, the Beijing Television started to carry out new media strategy, enter new media areas, including network television, mobile phone television (movable media phone television and broadcasting phone television), stage by stage, conduct system of operation platform for the Beijing Television. It aims to be the most integrated multi-media carrier in China which owns abundant brand contents and new multi-media platform.

In the project of new media strategy, the products and programs of Sugon Company involve in all comprehensive problem-solving proposals of production network, office network and websites of the Beijing Television. In this entire project, the system buys Sugon server valued at about 3 million, conducting three months’ construction from June to September in 2012, including the following three programs.

(1) Media information management system.

(2) Media interchange platform.

(3)Website upgrading and reforming of “BTV online”

The building of the project has four features.(1)The realization of television core business based on the cloud platform.(2)Cloud computing platform makes use of both the physical machine and the virtual machine.(3)The very first high density machinery-room in the industry of broadcast and television.(4)The high stability. It functions well from the day of construction and fully undertakes many projects of the Beijing Television.

After the completion of the post-project, Sugon Company summarized the experiences and gains. The users chose Sugon, Langchao, Tianyun, EMC+VMware and HP in the stage of research and test, conducting detailed tests and comparisons among the cloud computing products of all companies. Considering the comprehensiveness, the product idea of technical cloud management system Cloudview, design mentality and the company’s comprehensive technical position of the Sugon cloud computing project, the client and integrator all accepted those advantages. And based on the comprehensive aspects, the users chose the product of overall solving project finally.

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